122.2 traffic_zenith

shortname traffic_zenith
title traffic_zenith
creator Christine Cowie
abstract Modelled traffic count data for | Doco is crap. Good description in 2006 update folder / Past correspondence.pdf | | In summary First dataset provided was just Annandale (sample of GMR region). | Subsequent was syd, woll, new metro regions. with v1, v2, - v6 (2017). | | For noise model we need to distinguish heavy vehicles. In this dataset they are called commv (commercial?). | | the v6 (2017) layer is also uploaded to the post gis server. |
additional_metadata Access is restricted
alternate_identifier https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/f/2984419878
access_rules Any researchers who are collaborating on air quality - health projects under the CAR banner are licenced to use the data during the term 1 Aug 2015 to 1 Aug 2018.
Recommended Citation Christine Cowie, NA, traffic_zenith, NA
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