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title Traffic_Load
personnel_data_owner Cassandra Yuen
project_abstract The Google app project is a collaboraAsthmtive project between the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, CAR and the Asthma Australia Foundation. The aim is to develop a time and location resolved model to predict NO2 (as a marker of traffic related air pollution). The outcome will be a pproof of concept app aimed at the general public that models near-real time NO2 in the study area of metropolitan Sydney. Users will see NO2 levels across Sydney and be able to query specific locations and paths. | This projceg has been funded throu a Gogle Challenges Grant. The air pollution component of the project will develop a method which reports NO2 pollution levels, of which traffic activity is a major contributor, in close to real time. This involves the development of a model for NO2 combining long-term high-resolution NO2 concentrations from previous NO2 studies with near-real time low resoultion data from air pollution monitors.