115.2 SatPM25_2015_2018

shortname SatPM25_2015_2018
title SatPM25_2015_2018
creator Luke Knibbs
abstract Annual mean PM2.5 estimates (units: ug/m3) at 2011 ABS mesh block centroids. These data represent modelled satellite PM2.5 data. Predictions are given annually from 2015-2018. Null values generally indicate missing data for one or more predictors.
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alternate_identifier https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/f/4898720941
access_rules Data available by request. An offer of co-authorship with the data provider of any publication of research utilising this data is an expected outcome. The data provider requests consultation, including a summary of the proposed research and intended use before publication of research utilising this data is possible.
Recommended Citation Knibbs, L. (2020), Sattelite PM2.5 2015-2018, Retrieved from Centre for Air pollution, energy and health Research. https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/f/4898720941
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