12.15 OEH_monitor_Sydney_PM25_1996_2014

shortname OEH_monitor_Sydney_PM25_1996_2014
title OEH_monitor_Sydney_PM25_1996_2014
creator Ivan Hanigan, Based on data from the NSW OEH
abstract http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/AQMS/search.htm | 26/8/15 | site avs, daily | 01/05/1996 (I know this is the starting month from prior work)-26/8/15 (today) | sites <- “‘Richmond’, ‘Liverpool’, ‘Earlwood’, ‘Chullora’” | PM2.5 | load data | | Then also went back to get pm25_av_syd_1996_2015_with_camden_tmp_table_23283_1441001164.xls | | This was downloaded by Ivan in August 2015 to extend the Biomass Smoke Database. | It is noteworthy that the PM2.5 provided to the Biomass project in 2008 was revised and adjusted downward. This dataset should be used instead of the Biomass Smoke database for pm2.5. |
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