personnel_data_owner Martin Cope, CSIRO
project_abstract Air_pollution_modelling Chemical Transport Modelling (CTM) by CSIRO. A variety of data as provided and also derived from data processing after CSIRO have provided the data. | The chemical transport model CTM from CSIRO will be used for the Neighbourhood Exposures study (both blended and unblended) | | (1) Martin Cope, Sunhee Lee, Bill Physick, Debbie Abbs, Kim C Nguyen and John | McGregor, A Methodology for Determining the Impact of Climate Change on Ozone | Levels in an Urban Area, CSIRO report Nov. 2008, Department of the Environment, | Water, Heritage and the Arts through the Clean Air Research Program | (2) Martin Cope, Sunhee Lee, Exploring the co-benefit of electric vehicle uptake and | ozone pollution reduction in Sydney - Final report, Feb. 2011, The Centre for | Australian Weather and Climate Research | (3) William L Physick, Martin E Cope, Sunhee Lee and Peter J Hurley, An approach for | estimating exposure to ambient concentrations, Journal of Exposure Science & | Environmental Epidemiology (2007) 17, 76–83. | (4) William Physick, Jennifer Powell, Martin Cope, Kate Boast, Sunhee Lee, | Measurements of personal exposure to NO2 and modelling using ambient | concentrations and activity data, Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 45, 12, April 2011, | pp. 2095–2102