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title EPA_monitor_NT_2020
creator NT Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA)
abstract Validated air pollution monitoring data for NT, 1-hrly averages. Downloaded from http://ntepa.webhop.net/NTEPA/Default.ltr.aspx on 2020-08-31 (Multi Station Report: Periodic search, Purpose - AIR QUALITY, All Stations for 01/01/2012 00:00 to 01/01/2018 00:00, Type - Mean, Time Base - 1 Hour). Station locations manually copied from station descriptions on same site. | | Since 2004, the Northern Territory Government has conducted particulate monitoring in the Darwin region. In late 2010 monitoring was expanded to include a full ambient air quality monitoring station located near Palmerston. Another station was installed at Winnellie in mid 2012.
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Recommended Citation NT Environmenal Protection Authority, 2020. Validated air quality data for all stations 2018-2019, available from http://ntepa.webhop.net/NTEPA/Default.ltr.aspx [accessed 2020-08-31].
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