29.3 AIHW_MORT_2012_2016

shortname AIHW_MORT_2012_2016
title AIHW_MORT_2012_2016
creator Ivan Hanigan, Based on data from the AIHW
abstract Mortality Over Regions and Time (MORT) 2012-2016 | The MORT data from AIHW at LGA https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports/life-expectancy-death/mort-books/contents/mort-books | | MORT books are Excel workbooks that contain recent deaths data for specific geographical areas, sourced from the AIHW National Mortality Database. They present statistics by sex for each geographical area, including counts, rates, median age at death, premature deaths, potential years of life lost and potentially avoidable deaths. The workbooks also present leading causes of death by sex for each geographical area. |
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Recommended Citation AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) 2016. MORT (Mortality Over Regions and Time) books: Local Government Area (LGA), 2013–2017. Canberra: AIHW. Downloaded from the Centre for Air pollution, energy and health Research, https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/f/3626373730 |
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