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title Health_stats_cancer
creator NSW Department of Health
abstract Annual NSW cancer incidence and mortality data from the Cancer Institute NSW. Population estimates based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (SAPHaRI). Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence, NSW Ministry of Health. | Downloaded from http://www.healthstats.nsw.gov.au/Indicator/can_incdth_type/can_incdth_type_snap
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Recommended Citation Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence. HealthStats NSW, 2019 Cancer: New cases and cancer-related deaths. Sydney: NSW Ministry of Health. Available at: www.healthstats.nsw.gov.au. Accessed 2019-11-06. Downloaded from Centre for Air pollution, energy and health Research https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/f/3946828964
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