123.1 Traffic_Flow_Zenith_2018

shortname Traffic_Flow_Zenith_2018
title Traffic_Flow_Zenith_2018
creator Veitch Lister Consulting
abstract Traffic flow modelling from Zenith model covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, ACT, and North Queensland regions in 2018. The model simulates the interaction of every traffic zone to every other traffic zone in a model area, with consideration of where, when, why and how everyone travelled. Most recent publicly available traffic counts from state and local governments are then used to produce Zenith traffic estimates. Estimates may contain aberrations, for instance, due to seasonal variations, weather conditions or public/school holidays. A matrix estimation process is used to fine tune the simulated traffic volumes to that of the traffic counts. | | The geodetic datum is WGS84. | The variables in the data are given as | FieldName - Description | name - Road Name | linkid - Linked | anode - Link start node | bnode - Link end node | direction - Whether the link direction is from node a to b or b to. It also indicates if the road is oneway | load_total_24 - 24 hour volume (all vehicles) | load_commveh_24 - 24 hour volume commercial vehicles total | load_total_am - Total volume (7-9am) | load_total_md - Total volume (all remaining hours) | load_total_pm - Total volume (4-6pm) | vc_am - Volume/ Capacity Ratio AM | vc_md - Volume/ Capacity Ratio all remaining hours | vc_pm - Volume/ Capacity Ratio PM | calcspeed_car_am - Average link speed AM | calcspeed_car_md - Average link speed MD | calcspeed_car_pm - Average link speed PM |
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Recommended Citation Veitch Lister Consulting, 2020. Zenith Traffic Data for Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, ACT, and North Queensland 2018. [Data access restricted] Downloaded from the Centre of Air pollution, energy, and health Research https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/f/4699355722
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