138.2 road_density_CCD06

shortname road_density_CCD06
title road_density_CCD06
creator Darren Mayne
abstract The Weighted Road Density WRD was derived using Rose et al 2009 variable RD_1_2_3. Rather than 75M radial buffers this is calculated for CCD boundaries as the exposure buffers. Uses CCD 2006 edition. WRD is calculated using an ArcGIS tool. In the GeoSEEF folder the ‘Weighted Road Density CCD 2006.mxd’ file refered to the WRD_CCD_2006 layer in the GeoSEEF.gdb. This was extracted as a standalone shapefile for work with R. It is stored in data_provided_extracts_for_urch/WRD_CCD_2006.shp. This is the same as the CCD in the 130409/Shapefiles folder. The lpk layer file in the 130409 folder is comparable. It shows the units are road length per square metre.
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