title ISI-MIP
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The Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISI-MIP, https://www.isimip.org/), a community-driven climate-impacts modelling initiative aimed at contributing to a quantitative and cross-sectoral synthesis of the differential impacts of climate change, including the associated uncertainties. ISIMIP offers a consistent framework for cross-sectoral, cross-scale modelling of the impacts of climate change. The key goal of ISIMIP is to contribute to the comprehensive (cross-sectoral) understanding of the impacts of politically and scientifically-relevant climate-change scenarios.


| ISI-MIP is organised into simulation rounds, each having a specific focus topic. In particular, there is modelled data from five different GCMs for two climate change scenarios, defined as representative concentration pathways 4.5 and 8.5 (RCP4.5 and RCP8.5) for the historical (1971–2005) and future periods (2006–2099).