11.3 Air_Pollution_Monitoring_Stations_National_PM25_2000_2015

shortname Air_Pollution_Monitoring_Stations_National_PM25_2000_2015
title Air_Pollution_Monitoring_Stations_National_PM25_2000_2015
creator Luke Knibbs
abstract PM2.5 2000-2015. Some sites used different measurement method and some sites changed over time – this is caveat. | |
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alternate_identifier https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/f/1718142663
access_rules This was provided for CAR collaborations. The sharing details will be dealt with in the future, but we hope that this will become a fairly public dataset. This is just internal for us for the BoD current project until EPAs can be confirmed for u/l to the platform and wider access. |
Recommended Citation Luke Knibbs, 2018-04-04, Air_Pollution_Monitoring_Stations_National_PM25_2000_2015, NA
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