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abstract Traffic counts for Bankstown area. Notes from Ed: | | Traffic control departments of LGAs monitor traffic on local roads. | Councils only count for high-ish load roads – not complete. | | Each LGA conducts their traffic data collections independently. Each | of the LGAs in the region was approached and out of the 15 LGAs, only 5 | responded positively by sending through their data. | | Some LGAs stated that they weren’t able to extract the data the way | we required (en masse). All of the LGAs which responded currently use | Metro Count to collect and extract traffic count data. This is a company | which provides the hardware and software to compile the data into | reports. Metro Count gave us a copy of their software so that we could | extract the data ourselves if the LGA was willing to give us the raw | files. LGA traffic counts did not seem to be conducted consistently | between areas; time periods, types of road, presentation of data | differed. | | Only some provided geocoding. As with RMS data, counts were available | only for limited roads and assumptions would need to be made for all | other roads. If we had received all the traffic data from LGAs, the | process of compiling the data may have taken some weeks and due to the | inconsistency between councils, may not have been highly reliable.
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