123.2 Traffic_Flow_Zenith_GMR_2012_2016

shortname Traffic_Flow_Zenith_GMR_2012_2016
title Traffic_Flow_Zenith_GMR_2012_2016
creator Veitch Lister Consulting
abstract Traffic flow modelling from Zenith model covering Sydney, the Central Coast, Hunter and Wollongong regions, The model simulates the interaction of every traffic zone to every other traffic zone in a model area, with consideration of where, when, why and how everyone travelled. Most recent publicly available traffic counts from state and local governments are then used to produce Zenith traffic estimates. Estimates may contain aberrations, for instance, due to seasonal variations, weather conditions or public/school holidays. A matrix estimation process is used to fine tune the simulated traffic volumes to that of the traffic counts.
additional_metadata NOT YET PUBLISHED
access_rules Any researchers who are collaborating on air quality - health projects under the CAR banner are licenced to use the data during the term 1 Aug 2015 to 1 Aug 2018.
Recommended Citation Veitch Lister Consulting, NA, Traffic_Flow_Zenith_GMR_2012_2016, NA
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accessibility CAR