84.2 Neighbourhood_Exposures_BME_NO2_Sydney_2011

shortname Neighbourhood_Exposures_BME_NO2_Sydney_2011
title Neighbourhood_Exposures_BME_NO2_Sydney_2011
creator Ivan Hanigan
abstract Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a pollutant mostly emitted by traffic and has been associated with respiratory and cardiovascular health problems. | Using the very precise air quality monitors installed around Sydney, along with sophisticated modelling by the collaborators, we are gaining insights that other studies have missed about the lower levels of NO2 exposure. We’ve been able to produce the best maps so far of air pollution for Sydney, and the scale is down to a hundred metres or so. Previous analysis used scales of several kilometres, These new maps are much closer to the level of detail needed to accurately determine health impacts and plan for the future. | | This research was published as ‘Blending Multiple Nitrogen Dioxide Data Sources for Neighborhood Estimates of Long-Term Exposure for Health Research’ in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.
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associated_party Martin Cope, Luke Knibbs, Grant Williamson, Geoff Morgan
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