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abstract The column ‘studysite’ groups these SLAs from 2001 ASGC edition into climatically similar regions based on temperature. | | The original analysis of climate data in the Sydney GMR was conducted by Behnoosh Khalaj and Keith Dear for their paper Khalaj, B., Lloyd, G., Sheppeard, V., & Dear, K. (2010). The health impacts of heat waves in five regions of New South Wales, Australia: a case-only analysis. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, 83(7), 833–842. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00420-010-0534-2 | | The study focused on five regions in NSW: Sydney East; Sydney West; Gosford- Wyong; Newcastle and Illawarra. Cooler nights in Sydney West and cooler days in Sydney East provided the rationale for dividing Sydney into East and West. Data from Sydney weather stations were used to define two temperature regions (Sydney West and Sydney East) by maximising the ratio of between groups to within- group temperature variance. Statistical local areas (SLA) within Sydney were then assigned to the west and east regions. SLA of residence was used to assign patients to Sydney East, Sydney West, Illawarra, Gosford-Wyong and Newcastle. The average of weather and air pollution observations from all monitoring stations in each region was used. | | Subsequently Ivan Hanigan based the creation of a new spatial dataset for the Biomass Smoke and Human Health collaboration that included many other cities and towns. That derived dataset contains all the other cities and towns from the biomass smoke and health project, stored at Environment_General/Biomass_Smoke_Validated_Events/biosmoke_spatial/data_provided on the UCRH Q drive. | | This current sydney GMR dataset is a subset of that biomass smoke project study regions dataset created by Hanigan, and just shows the Sydney GMR. | | These data (and the map from Khalaj et al 2010) was also used in the Wilson heat paper: | Wilson, L. A. L. A., Gerard Morgan, G., Hanigan, I. C. I. C., Johnston, F. F. H., Abu-Rayya, H., Broome, R., … Jalaludin, B. (2013). The impact of heat on mortality and morbidity in the Greater Metropolitan Sydney Region: a case crossover analysis. Environmental Health : A Global Access Science Source, 12(1), 98. https://doi.org/10.1186/1476-069X-12-98 | | In October 2019 Ivan used the SA2s (2016 edition) from the Sydney_Airshed_EPA_NSW dataset (also in this Study_Regions project) to create a new shapefile that grouped the Central and Western Sydney regions into a comparable Western Sydney climate zone, and the Eastern, Northern and Southern Sydney subregions were assigned to the Eastern Sydney climate zone therefore bringing the SA2s into line with the older SLA shapefile.
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