108.2 SatNO2_2006_2011

shortname SatNO2_2006_2011
title SatNO2_2006_2011
creator Luke Knibbs
abstract This is the predicted annual mean values of NO2 (ppb) on Mesh Blocks (2011) from Knibbs (see paper Knibbs et al 2015). This is the SatLUR data predicted on MB 2011. NSW data provided to M Rolfe and G Morgan on 13/5/2015, rest of data provided to Ivan Hanigan on 1/4/2019. | | Note from Luke: Please note that there are 2 predictions for each year - one with ‘SURF’ and one with ‘COL’ - these refer to the model used to generate them. The two models give very similar results but COL has slightly better predictive ability. This might be the best place to start but we could also think about comparing them. | | There’s a handful of missing values - these are MBs where the necessary covariates were not available. | | # also see from the paper | 2.2.4. ComparisonofdifferentsatelliteNO2 estimates | We assessed whether surface NO2 estimates derived using surface-to-column | ratios from WRF-Chem lead to models with better predictive ability for ground | level NO2 than the easier to obtain estimates of tropospheric NO2 column density. | For both our annual and monthly models, we examined two alternatives; one with | surface NO2 estimates as a candidate variable (‘surface model’) and one with NO2 | column density estimates (‘column model’). All other candidate variables were the | same across the two models.
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associated_party Ivan Hanigan [role: creation of publishable derived data from data provided]
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