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Clean Air and health Research Data and Analysis Technology (CARDAT)

Welcome to CARDAT

The Clean Air and health Research Data and Analysis Technology (CARDAT) is a collection of IT infrastructure that enables easy data sharing and reuse, and reproducible data analysis. It is an online research platform that collates a wide array of population, health and environmental datasets with a collection of analysis tools and methodology resources. The data in CARDAT includes air pollution, weather and built environment data in Australia and internationally. This platform enables collaboration between researchers and policy makers.

CARDAT's mission is to provide data, methods and tools to support CAR to inform policy though research and analysis of air pollution, energy and health.

CARDAT Infrastructure

CARDAT is a group of online technologies and data management tools for storing, accessing, and analysing datasets that are useful for epidemiology. The major components can be seen in figure 1 below.

CARDAT infrastructure overview
Figure 1: CARDAT infrastructure components

Metadata, data discovery and reporting tools

CAR Data Inventory CatalogueThe CAR Data Inventory: a catalogue of available datasets and their associated metadata records.

CARDAT reportsCARDAT reports: the CAR Data Inventory tracks user access and data sharing for reporting to data owners on usage.

Secure data storage

CARDAT data cloudCloud CARDAT: A cloud based file store which enables shared access to datasets, and the ability to sync data automatically, and

PostGIS CAR databasePostGIS CAR DB: A PostGres database with PostGIS spatial extention that contains a range of air pollution, land use, population, satellite and climate data.

National Air Pollution Monitoring DatabaseNational Air Pollution Monitoring Database: A spatial database containing standardised regulatory air pollution monitoring data from state and territory governments across Australia. This database is stored in the PostGIS CAR Database.

Virtual desktop environments

CoESRA desktopsCoESRA: A configuarble online platform for data analysis, which provides a secure environment for reproducible, collaborative data analysis. Data from Cloud CARDAT and the PostGIS CAR DB can be accessed from CoESRA desktops.

Data access and analysis tools

CARDAT Github repository of tools for accessing the PostGIS CAR DBCardatdbtools GitHub repository: A public repository of R functions for interacting with PostGIS CAR and the National Air Pollution Monitor Database.