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CARDAT - getting help

Reporting issues and getting help

For help please use the following emails - please be sure to include as much relevant information as you can when reporting issues or asking questions.

Known issues and workarounds

CARDAT involves tvo third party software platforms:

While both of these platforms are professionally supported, they are both still being developed and there are stils a few issues that are known to occur. Table 1 provides a list of some of the known issues and workarounds.

Table 1: Known issues and workarounds in CoESRA and CloudStor
Platform Issue Workaround Comments
CoESRA R files do not open with RStudio. Currently there is no file association between RStudio and file extensions such as .R .Rproj .Rmd Open RStudio via the Applications -> CoESRA menu. Then open the file from within RStudio. This issue has been reported to TERN.
CoESRA Arrow keys sometimes stop working from within RStudio. This can be resolved through closing and reopening RStudio. This issue has been reported to TERN.
CloudStor Occasionally logins fail. No known workaround. When this issue occurs it needs to be reported to the CloudStor help desk, who can resolve the issue.